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Dimitriy Efremov / Hyundai ix25 (2019)
Krasnoyarsk Driver & Guide

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Basic services
KRSK Сity tour
KRSK Сity tour
Most interesting places in our city: Mira square with outstanding view of Yenisey river, Karaulnaya hill where the whole city is spread before your eyes, visit Praskovya Pyatnitskaya chapel and go through the old streets.
Airport transfer
Airport transfer
Transfer from / to Krasnoyarsk airport (Yemelyanovo, KJA)
Region transfer
Region transfer
Transportation services to any part of Krasnoyars and beyond.
Abakan, Achinsk, Eniseysk, Kansk, Minusinsk and ect.
Stolby Park
Stolby Park
The excursion will be interesting for active tourists, who can trek 17 km a day.
Divnogorsk Dam
Divnogorsk Dam
Observation point called Tsar Fish. Divnogorsk Hydro Power station, which is the second one in Russia. Krasnoyarsk Sea. It is the perfect place for recreation, fishing, picnics.
Ticket servise
Ticket servise
Krasnoayrsk Ticket Servise
Transfer near Krasnoyarsk
Работа 1
North and East direction transfer 
Krasnoyars - Eniseysk transfer - 340km / about 4h 10m 
Krasnoyarsk - Lesosibirsk transfer - 300km / about 3h 30m 
Krasnoyarsk - Kansk transfer - 230km / about 2h 20m
Работа 2
South derection 
Krasnoyarsk - Abakan transfer - 410km / about 4h 10m 
Krasnoyarsk - Minusinsk transfer - 440km / about 4h 30m 
Krasnoyarsk - Sayanogorsk transfer - 490km / about 5h 10m 
Krasnoyarsk - Shushenskoye transfer - 490km / about 4h 50m
Работа 3
West and South-West direction transfer
Krasnoyarsk - Achinsk transfer - 175km / about 1h 40m
Krasnoyarsk - Nazarovo transfer - 210km / about 2h 10m
Krasnoyarsk - Sharypovo transfer - 320km / about 4h 10m
Krasnoyarsk - Uzhur transfer - 310km / about 4h 10m

About me and services
Dimitriy, driver & guide
My name is Dimitriy Efremov. I am 40 y.o. and live in Krasnoyarsk. I have had a great experience working with overseas clients as a private Krasnoyarsk tour guide and a personal driver since 2012.
My car
My car, Hyundai ix25, 2019
My car is the Hyundai ix25 Creta (4WD, 2019). It is safe and it has lots of room making it ideal transportation for anyone visiting Krasnoyarsk. I know all the best routes and shortcuts in the city and I can even predict how long it will take to get from point A to point B, so that you are never late for your meetings.
My hobby
My hobby, Photography
I have two top cameras - Canon 400D SLR and Sony MX100M2 camera that accompanies me everywhere I go to create special and memorable pictures of my dear clients. I love digital photography and I continuously improve my photography skills while expanding my knowledge about Krasnoyarsk and its history.

Frequently Asked Questions
How can I contact you?
Mobile phone - +7 902 940 4929   
E-mail - 550622@mail.ru 
WhatsApp - +79029404929
Telegram - @reklama1c  
Skype - reklama1c
What is your services?
Meet and greet services in Krasnoyarsk’s airports, Transportation services to any part of Krasnoyrsk and beyond, Translation services, Tour services, Photography services, Organization of long-distance trips.

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Enjoy your trip to Krasnoyarsk, Russia with private English speaking tour guide, professional driver and personal photographer!